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September 29, 2007

Wasn’t “Cup Fu Caking” Much Better Than This?

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So for me to take shots at Emmy Rossum’s song is not quite fair, since as far as I knew till now she’s an actress who I know mostly through GFY (and, I see, Mystic River), but…

…is her devotion to Enya so great that she ripped off her accent? And diction? Why do I know what Enya’s action and diction sound like? I suppose I shouldn’t bother pointing out that “circles” and “purpose” is one of the worst rhymes ever, but hey! something not obvious! it sounds like that song consists entirely of (processed) sounds made by the human voice. Um, I may have to revaluate this.

September 27, 2007

For Future Reference

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Proudly ignorant morons do not actually make good presidents.

(You should really watch the clip. He has absolutely no clue, and he thinks it’s hi-larious.)

September 25, 2007

Song Corner

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Everybody was cup fu caking
Yeah, those cats were baking
They had their sprinkles shaking
It was a big undertaking

Um, what?

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Can anyone explain what’s going on here? (NSFW bit around 2:07.)

September 13, 2007

Plot Hole

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Spoiler for the Manchurian Candidate (original version only, perhaps): (more…)

September 12, 2007

Coming Attraction

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Which of the following best describes the forthcoming Julie Taymor movie, Across the Universe?

(a) The concept of the Sgt. Pepper’s movie, the social commentary of Forrest Gump.
(b) Mamma Mia! on film, with pretensions.
(c) Van Wilder 3: Taj’s Revenge.

Early indications were that meddling studio executives had cut about half an hour from it; unfortunately, they seem to have restored the lost footage rather than cut the rest. I would say that they could cut it to three minutes, but really, even at that length it’d be too long. I’ve walked out on the trailer. (Perfectly timed for a bathroom break!)

September 10, 2007


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I can’t wait to see how they’re going to tie it all together.

September 5, 2007


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Since hitting the big time, Ryan North has farmed out the artwork.

Aldo Kelrast, Account Specialist

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I had pretty much this exact conversation when I was trying to cancel my cell phone. (via teo)

September 4, 2007


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By what principle are the following numbers placed in the following order? What other numbers can be placed in this sequence? Answers not definitive.

8.5 1900 2046 7 3.14159… 10 1941 300 23

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