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December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

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Down on Church Street (the pedestrian street downtown) they have reproductions of several famous artworks with holes where the faces are, so you can stick your own face through. The Scream winds up child-height.

Happy 2008, everyone!

December 27, 2007

The IP Mafia Sticks Together

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Microsoft Word autocorrects you if you try to write “xeroxed” with a lowercase “x.”

December 26, 2007

Class in Juno

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The other day I saw and liked Juno. At the beginning I was a little put off by the slanginess, afraid that it would become a pointless quirkfest like Napoleon Dynamite, but it turned out to be really about something.

Others have commented on its handling of gender,* but what I really noticed was the handling of class. The differences between Juno and the suburban couple are obvious, but there’s also a much subtler difference between Juno and Bleeker; Bleeker’s friend has a cabin on the lake, and it’s taken for granted that Bleeker will go to college; you get the sense that that’s not so much the case for Juno. Which is part of why Bleeker’s mom hates her so much. The scene with Brenda and the ultrasound technician also has some subtle class gradations.

Subtle may be the key word here. Veronica Mars has been acclaimed for its treatment of class, but in the first four episodes (the only ones I’ve seen) it rather whangs you over the head with it. And the class divide pictured is much starker than in most of the U.S.; most communities aren’t made up of billionaires and their maids, if only because there aren’t that many billionaires. (Though VM may get a little more nuanced as it progresses; I didn’t read too closely in that article about the subsequent developments, for fear of spoilers. I already OH NOES discovered that Veronica’s dad is partly vindicated about Lily’s murder.)

Election was also pretty good on this; if only because the level of wealth depicted was more realistic. Chris Klein’s character is the rich kid of the town, and is in a house that seems about as opulent as that rich kid would have; but it often seems like the average house in a Hollywood movie is a lot more luxurious than that.


December 22, 2007


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Check out panel two. That beaver don’t smoke no small cigars.

December 16, 2007


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Slylock is still awesome but… (more…)

December 12, 2007

More Awesome

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OMG Lee Stranahan is so awesome I don’t even know where to begin. (Not with Romney’s reply to Huckabee, I guess.) via Talking Points Memo [UPDATE: permalink]

Sinead LOLConnor

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December 10, 2007

Don’t You Have It?

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I don’t have anywhere near enough Photoshop skills — I don’t even think I have Photoshop — but it seems like it ought to be possible to mash up Martin Amis’s bit about his urges to retaliate against the entire Muslim community with “The Urge” from “They’ll Do It Every Time” (RIP Al Scaduto). Something like:

“Wanko says it’s time to deport all Muslims/ but when he gets called on it he says “I wuz just adumbrating the idea!” [arrow pointing to audience member: “The urge to adumbrate him upside the head”]

Or “Blowhardo writes five thick books on politics/ but when he gets called out his friends say “He’s a novelist, not a sociologist or politician!” [“the urge to make him suffer”]

I think what this shows is, just because “the urge” appears two different places doesn’t mean you can make a mashup of it.

Jenny McCartney link via Aaronovitch Watch.

December 9, 2007

Some Things that Are Awesome: Part 1

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Reynard Noir is awesome. Start here. And check this, and the whole Cassandra Cat saga really, and stuff like this and this which is really surprisingly powerful, for a parody strip based on a children’s cartoons.

And it wouldn’t be possible if Slylock Fox weren’t awesome. Not just because of this, but because it’s genuinely awesome; as Josh (who is, you guessed it, awesome) says, it’s got some of the best incidental details of any comic strip out there. Not like some strips which have been mailing it in for twenty years.

Incidentally, huh.

[UPDATE: If you got here, as people sometimes seem to, by searching on “Cassandra cat” + NSFW, Bob Weber Jr. asked the guy to take that down. If he’s willing to produce PG-13 Cassandra action I think it’s only fair to respect his wishes to keep NC-17 stuff off the web.]

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