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February 23, 2008

GOP to Me: Fuck you. Me: Back atcha.

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Bush Administration officials are claiming that the expiration of their enhanced wiretapping powers is already endangering America by costing us intelligence.

They have also refused to pass a temporary extension of their enhanced wiretapping powers, saying that there can be “no compromise” on whether telecoms get retroactive immunity for their past role in carrying out the government’s illegal wiretapping.

There can be only one conclusion: By their own lights, the GOP is willing to endanger Americans for the sake of retroactive immunity to the telecoms. There can be only one response: Fuck you, you disloyal assholes. You’re obviously hoping for a terrorist attack that can be turned to your political advantage. You don’t care if people die so long as you can retain power.

[UPDATE: Thank you, Lee Stranahan.]

[Fortunately, House Democrats are aware of the inconsistency; the chairs of the Intelligence and Judiciary committees write:

They cannot have it both ways; if it is true that the expiration of the PAA has caused gaps in intelligence, then it was irresponsible for the President and congressional Republicans to block an extension of the law. Accordingly, they should join Democrats in extending it until we can resolve our differences.

I hope they hold fast.

Also, I’m not taking it on faith that the lapse of the PAA has hurt our intelligence-gathering capabilities; I think it’s more likely that the Republicans are trying to score points. I don’t even think that they’re in it to protect the telecoms; it’s that if the lawsuits go forward, there will be some very embarrassing revelations about what the Administration was up to.]


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