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February 25, 2008

Sun Rises, Bush Administration Lies

Filed under: Uncategorized — matt w @ 8:06 am

The other day when the Bush Administration was claiming that the failure to extend additional surveillance powers was hurting our intelligence-gathering efforts? Because the telecoms weren’t cooperating anymore? They were lying. It’s what they do.

The scorecard stands at: Republicans claim that extending the PAA is vital for our national security; Republicans block any PAA extension that doesn’t contain retroactive immunity for the telecoms; Republicans say there can be no compromise on retroactive immunity.

You might think this means that the Republicans care more about telecom companies than they do about our safety, but I don’t think they’re so selfless. They’re trying to protect the compaines to protect themselves. (via) [And no, I don’t think the PAA is particularly important for protecting us either.]


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