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August 18, 2008

Sociological Images

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via a few sites recently, Sociological Images is a fantastic blog, which uses pictures to explain stuff. See the sexualization of female Olympic athletes, this post on how employees have to put their emotions to work, this post on the incompatibility of sex and engineering, and this ad from 1934 about the envy of skinny women for women who can put on weight. And this ad about how fat, nonwhite peasants inconvenience people who are destined to make over $100k (which I’d actually seen elsewhere). And other posts.

Thinking about this partly because of this picture — that’s the Pirates’ #1 draft pick, pictured in Pittsburgh black and gold.* You don’t even need the caption to recognize the image it’s taking off of, which is pretty impressive considering the color scheme isn’t even the same. Amazing job by the original artist in creating an iconic image.

*The Pirate fan community is excited because the new management team actually drafted the best player available and signed him for a lot of money but not too much, which is a nice change from the active malice exercised by the last two management teams.

August 15, 2008

Plot Hole II

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Well, apparently the IMDb folk beat me to this, but see if you can spot the plot hole here. (You have to know something about the movie, but no spoiler necessary.)

An Extremely Important Political Question

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What is the difference between “bodysurfing” and “swimming”?

Also (this is a real question) how come the ocean is salty and other bodies of water aren’t? OK, there seems to be an answer to that.

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