Saucers of Mud

November 3, 2008


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People who’ve just come back from a weekend in Vermont are a bit more likely to have spent their time in ski chalets than hanging around with modestly off people. Which actually may account for that silliness; Nordlinger was hanging around with rich people, they’re voting for Obama like everyone else in the state, so he concludes that in Vermont it’s the rich people voting for Obama. Though where he gets off proclaiming about “real Vermonters” I don’t know.


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  1. Nice.
    I visited someone who owns a second home in Vermont (not a ski chalet–better!). She was rabidly for Hlllary and is now for Obama. But she votes in Massachusetts! I’d expect most people who own ski chalets in Vermont vote elsewhere.

    Comment by Matt's mom — November 3, 2008 @ 3:54 pm

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