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October 12, 2009

Larry Summers’s Discipline

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While commenting on the Nobel Prize in Economics,* Ezra Klein writes:

As for the recipients, the exciting news is that Ostrom won, making her the first woman to ever receive the award. Ostrom also happens to be a political scientist, which seems like a useful admission that economics has spread far beyond its original boundaries, and is increasingly intertwined with political science, psychology, sociology and many other disciplines.

Isn’t the big news that the economists still haven’t found a woman in an economics department to give their Nobel Prize to? And I thought my field had it bad.

(Note: Economics’s crappy gender record is not actually an excuse for philosophy’s crappy gender bias.)

*To his main point, I think the first commenter has it right: As Daniel Davies says, “blah blah blah Sveriges Riksbank. Nobody cares, you know.”

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