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June 24, 2011

Mood: Grumpy

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Dear Virago Press:

If you’re going to reprint a selection from one of your anthologies that leaves out the best story (not to mention one of the best in the whole genre), you should change the damn title.


proud owner of the wrong version

ps If you do a google search for “The Little Dirty Girl” the results are… not good.

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  1. So, on further review, the later anthology leaves out many of the most interesting stories from the first one: the two Marjorie Bowen miniatures, one of which appears on my list of great ghost stories; Elizabeth Jenkins’s haunting “On No Account, My Love” — perhaps that’s an odd way to describe a ghost story, but it’s an odd ghost story, notable for its refusal to unlock its mysteries; Elizabeth Jane Howard’s “Three Miles Up,” which is simply a delight; Elizabeth Walter’s “Dual Control,” wicked and elegant. As a commenter here says, “Presumably somebody… decided to ditch the most interesting stories and aim for a much more traditional market.”

    What it does not omit is “The Little Dirty Girl.” Because, as revealed by inspection of the copy of the original anthology I just bought, “The Little Dirty Girl” was never in this anthology. It was in a completely different one. *headdesk*

    (This is completely my fault, though “On No Account, My Love” was the other story I was looking for anyway.)

    Comment by matt w — July 5, 2011 @ 11:36 pm

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