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December 18, 2011

Has the Humble Indie Bundle ever included a game by a woman?

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The Humble Indie Bundle is a great thing; I picked up the latest one even though I won’t be able to play some of the games that interest me until I upgrade my computer.* But has it ever included a game whose lead designer was a woman, or one of whose lead designers was a woman? I can’t think of any, though I might have missed one. In fact, on a trawl through the credits of some of these games, the only woman who is a lead anything of any of the games may be Jenna Sharpe, the voice actress of Aquaria.

This seems like the sort of thought I should tweet to people, if I tweeted.

*That may be a feature, not a bug. That’s also when I’ll get to play Braid, I think.

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