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January 12, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch Facts

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When Benedict Cumberbatch first started acting, he would frequently daydream and miss his entrances. The stage managers took to hissing, “Cue, Cumberbatch!”

Though he was born in Kensington, he has relatives who live near the famous botanic gardens, so that when people first meet him they often ask “Are you one of the Kew Cumberbatches?”

In school he took to teasing his friends that their births were so unexpected that they had been delivered while waiting for the taxi to take them to the hospital. Eventually one of his friends angrily retorted, “I wasn’t born in a queue, Cumberbatch!”

His wife, the former Nina Quincy, has angrily rejected the characterization of her as hapless and forlorn during the early days of her marriage. She says, “I wasn’t poor Nina Q. Cumberbatch!”

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