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May 4, 2017

On the truth-value of some of Brian Leiter’s statements

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There is a controversy going on about a certain philosophical article and a letter written in response to it. I don’t want to address the underlying merits at all. (You can find out about it if you follow some of these links.) But I did notice something odd.

At Feminist Philosophers, Prof. Manners noted that Brian Leiter had publicly posted a list of the signatories to the letter (which I believe has since been taken down), and expressed concern that this would lead to “mobbing” behavior. Leiter responded in comments: “There will be no ‘mobbing’ here, since I will moderate comments [to his post] and am limiting the thread to those who signed the open letter.”

His post itself statements, “Only signatories to the letter may post here (including signatories not mentioned above, whom I missed).” But the comments appear to be from someone calling themselves “gprofessx” and from an Anonymous account (linking to comments made offsite). These do not appear to be signatories to the letter. Indeed, the gprofessx profile links to a German-language blog that describes itself as neoreactionary, and which retweets notorious misogynists (to put it mildly) such as Roosh V and Scott Adams.

So it seems as though Leiter announced a policy of only approving posts from the people he was attacking, and promptly violated that policy, instead signal-boosting someone who looks to be a pretty vicious misogynist. Perhaps Leiter mistakenly thought that this post was from a signatory? One hopes he would be more careful.

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