Saucers of Mud

July 31, 2019

A Clarification, And Also, Come On

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Occasionally I’ve seen people refer to a paper by Kathleen Stock as “I—Kathleen Stock: Fictive Utterance and Imagining.” In case this is confusing, the title of the paper is not analogous to “I, Robot,” but a Roman numeral. It’s from a proceeding of the Aristotelian Society, which tends to present twinned papers in the format “I–Author1: Title” and “II–Author2: Title” (I think maybe often the same title).

Also Rachel McKinney is right about this, this, and this. The POTFROTIs’ work in their endless Medium posts has been incredibly bad, and they aim to have a public effect! Nobody seems to be able and willing to point to the places where they provide actual evidence for their key claims about trans women being dangerous, as opposed to anecdotes. When this is done to immigrants we recognize it for what it is, I hope. It’s no better when it’s done to trans people.

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